My Brother's Keeper of Greater Richmond

"Encouraging Brothers Through the Storms of Life"

Suits for Success” encourages men to break the cycle of poverty; mentally, physically and spiritually. In addition to providing each young man with business apparel and accessories, our fatherhood programs, career development tools and resources, and our network of support equips, empowers and encourages men to thrive in work and in life!”

"Suits for Success"..... Is more than simply a new outfit!

This is an interactive workshop that will explore what it means to be self-sufficient and participants learn techniques needed to provide for themselves and their family.  After completing the workshop, MBK provides each participant with professional attire to secure employment!

We are seeking fifteen young men ages 16 to 30 to participate and ten volunteer workers.  Registration is free, but required to attend or volunteer.  All interested can register by Clicking Here!

Are you ready for some MANHOOD?

Being a man has never been easy…..but the Bible teaches that there are resources available to help us face this challenge.  God has given us His Word, His Spirit, and one another so we don’t have to do the job alone.  

My Brother's Keeper of Greater Richmond helps men draw on these resources and become a better man, husband, father, a brother, and a man of integrity and good character—- "an authentic man of God."

Imagine……..the transforming power of men coming together within our community to honestly examine their lives.  Families will be transformed as men take the courageous steps necessary to embrace authentic manhood and walk on a journey to become who God intends them to be.

When men are provided with love, guidance, direction, resources and opportunities, they become empowered to transition into adulthood.  Watch "John Carter....The Making of Man" and witness his transformation!

Discover a proven set of plays that change you on the inside….and impact every part of your life.  Whether you’re a rookie, experienced veteran, walk on, or coach, you can win in the most important 

game of your life, the “GAME OF LIFE."  Discover the MAN you’ve always wanted to BE……and what it means to win at life!


Fatherhood Development Course

Helps men to engage fully, effectively, and responsibly in their children’s lives. We help men build relationships with their children that are healthy, nurturing and consistent. 

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Suits For Success Workshops

“Suits for Success” is one of our community outreach workshops that encourage young men to break the cycle of poverty; mentally, physically and spiritually.

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The Manny Awards Dinner

Celebrating the Unsung Heroes in Greater Richmond, VA area. 

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My Brother’s Keeper of Greater Richmond is a 501 c 3 organization that provides comprehensive family strengthening services in a culturally component way by training and equipping fathers in the areas of life skills, career development, parenting and co-parenting best practices for fatherhood engagement to improve family life and long-term outcomes for their children.

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