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A Man and His Marriage

There are many important relations in a man’s live, and none deserve more care, focus, and investment than his relationship with his wife.  A man’s marriage is meant to be and can be an incredible source of energy, joy and intimacy.

But as great as marriage can be, there’s also the possibility of great pain, misunderstanding, and frustration.  Too often, our marriages seem to be filled with more conflict that joy and more numbness than excitement.  Too many of us are stuck in our marriages.  We may be living under the same roof, but we’re not thriving or growing together.  We’re not enjoying spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy.  But marriage has incredible potential to bring great joy to a man and a woman who embrace God’s amazing vision for a healthy marriage.

Whether your marriage feels hopeless and numb or is thriving and exciting, this volume of 33 The Series is for you because it looks at what God says about the whole thing.  It lays out an inspiring picture of God’s vision for marriage that will change everything if you’re stuck and will encourage you if you’re already thriving.

Session include:


Die to Live




Game Changers