My Brother's Keeper of Greater Richmond

"Encouraging Brothers Through the Storms of Life"


Keynote Speaker:

Kym Grinnage

VP & General Manager, WBBT NBC 12

Kym Grinnage has been VP/General Manager of NBC12 since 2011. Prior to his appointment as General Manager he was appointed Station Manager/General Sales Manager in 2009. Kym joined the station in 1990 as an account executive followed by appointments as National Sales Manager, Local Sales Manager and General Sales Manager. Before coming to Richmond, from New York, he was a sales account executive with CBS-TV and held positions in sales and Affiliate Relations with NBC-TV starting in 1979.

He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Broadcast Communications with a minor in Business Administration from St. John’s University. He resides in Chesterfield County with his wife Kyle Grinnage. They have two adult daughters.  He is the recipient of two Associated Press Awards for “Best Editorial”.

Manny Award Winners

Jimmy Bailey


Jimmy Bailey is not your ordinary owner operator with the main objective of delivering loads with safety in mind. He is a 48-year-old, married man with three sons, one deceased daughter and two grandsons. Jimmy was born in Amelia, County to a single mother. Jimmy grew up in the projects of Richmond, VA with his mother and five siblings. He beat the odds as a black man raised in poverty without a father in that he is a successful business owner.

Ruben Bryant 

Retired from DLA Distribution Richmond Virginia

Ruben Bryant was born February 25, 1951 in Screven County, Ga. He is the only son of Louise Bryant-Lee. He is married to Sharon Bryant. He has one daughter Shannon Bryant and one step daughter Alesha Jackson. He stepped up and became a father to Alesha when her own father would not. 

Ruben has a heart of gold and will help anybody that he can. He is a member of New Canaan International Church where Owen C. Cardwell, Jr. is the pastor. Ruben loves children and has made it his mission to encourage the children at New Canaan to make good grades by paying them for good report cards. He is famous for his fish fries at church functions. He sings in the choir and is a member of the men’s ministry and the welcoming committee Cheers at the church. 

Ruben has won two battles with cancer. His latest battle was in 2015, through it all he never complained and is always his cheerful self. All I can say is that God is good. He is currently retired from DLA Distribution Richmond Virginia where he was the Transportation Officer with 46 years of service.

Corenzo Carter

HVAC Professional

Corenzo Carter is a HVAC professional, he received his training at Fortis College in Richmond, VA. He graduated with a 3.2 GPA and was on the Dean’s List. Corenzo has spent the past three years of his life working to overcome the barriers and stigmas that are associated with having a criminal background. When he returned home in 2013, he worked with Resource Workforce Centers to assist him in developing his soft skills, his resume, and guidance for successful workplace re-entry.

Corenzo faced constant rejection from employers because of his background, but he remained determined and focused to prevent returning to his old lifestyle. His first job was through Resource where he worked with Recreation & Parks as a Carpenter Helper, during this work experience, which was an eight week assignment, Corenzo rode a bike 12 miles each day and used public transportation to get to work. Corenzo’s supervisor and co-workers were amazed because he beat them all to work each day without a car. 

Corenzo became a husband in 2015, he believes his faith in GOD and the support of his wife have been and will continue to be the key for no longer being involved in the “streets.” Corenzo’s future goals include becoming an HVAC Master and someday becoming a contractor and entrepreneur so he can employ, encourage, and help other returning citizens rebuild their lives.

Juan Fernandez

Like most adolescents, I was fairly rebellious to the discipline, values and thought processes my parents drilled into me. The attitudes and actions I chose to adopt hurt the potential many people knew that I had. I was the type of person who always tried to fit in with the wrong people. This put me in the wrong place time after time and kept me from realizing what others saw in me. Some instances were life threatening, because fitting in was more important to me than choosing to be around people that would build me up. I’ve now learned that living out my purpose keeps my actions and associations in a place that benefits me and the lives of others. It amazes me how much wrong associations and thinking that doesn’t serve my purpose affects others and the amazing potential we all have inside.

Joseph Fountain

A husband to a wonderful wife and a father, who never stops thinking and pushing for greatness so my family and my children and generations to come will never want or struggle the way I did. However, I found my self working one of those "dead end" jobs, and at an early age having high blood pressure because of being stressed working for a successful engineering company. 

That moment I began to look for more opportunities to succeed because I believed that life had more to offer than just stress. In the process I found myself a product of a struggling economy and being laid off, restructured...all the fancy words for fired, right before the birth of our first child. Since then, thankful God, I never returned to the workforce and now live full time and having more time to play those important roles in my family and in the community. All because I trusted God with the right opportunities.

I also have a passion for helping those who seek change. I feel that it is my reasonable service to help those who are ready and willing to develop into leaders, and then duplicate the process...just like the movie "Pay it Forward". I truly believe that living in abundance, as it was promised to us, is possible.   ...It only takes one person to change the name of their family forever.

Mike King

Business Development and Community Partnership Manager for CW Richmond Television

Mike King has never forgotten the adage “To whom much is given, much is required.” It’s something he learned from his parents, business entrepreneurs, William & Juanita King, who moved King and his sister from the streets of 1970s Philadelphia to the more affluent suburb of North Wales. His sister Kari King Hill is a principal and pastor in Philadelphia.

My parents always owned businesses . . . our whole life was either the business or church,” explained King, Business Development and Community Partnership Manager for CW Richmond Television. His parents pushed their children to not settle for mediocrity but to work toward greatness.

Read Mike's full here.

Rodney Leeper, Sr.

Co-Founder, Coaches Against Violence Everywhere, C.A.V.E.

Rodney M. Leeper, Sr. was born February 6, 1970 and is a native of Richmond, Virginia. He is the father of six and attended VA. State University from 1988 to 1990. He graduated from Varina High School in 1988 and has been coaching football for over 20 years (13years at Varina and 7 years at Glen Lea).

Rodney is also co-founder of Coaches Against Violence Everywhere. C.A.V.E., as the group is known, officially launched their anti-violence effort Jan. 1. So far, they have held or participated in three community marches against violence, including one in Amiyah’s honor and in the Creighton Court and Gilpin Court public housing communities 

Darrell Long

Assistant Program Director, Gates to Success

When Darrell Long left Virginia to attend college on a basketball scholarship, his career plan consisted of three letters --- NBA.

The 6 ‘ 3” inch Long was playing guard for Keene State College in New Hampshire, a far cry from Wicomico Church, VA in Northumberland County where he’d grown up. “It was a good experience because I saw a lot of places I probably wouldn’t have,” he explained. Long majored in Business Management at Keene, but like most young players he dreamed of a professional basketball career. However, a knee injury batted that dream away like a blocked shot.

Today, at 50, Long is assistant program director and case manager for Gates to Success, a Richmond program that helps young people transition from adolescence to adulthood. However, between where he is today and where he thought he’d be 30 years ago, were a lot of ups and downs.

See Darrell's full here.

Kerwyn Phillip

Co-Founder of the Ndugu Business & Leadership Academy

Kerwyn Phillip is a native of Brooklyn, NY and has resided in the Richmond area for 7 years. He earned his undergraduate degree from Morgan State University and his MBA from Averett University. In addition to the work listed above, he is also a licensed life insurance agent. Kerwyn has been married to his beautiful wife, Denise, for 17 years and has 3 remarkable children: Menkuara, Khefera and Kush.

Kerwyn is the Co-Founder of the Ndugu Business & Leadership Academy. The organization's mission is to teach leadership, entrepreneurship and financial literacy to young men in under-served communities. He is active in the community and had connections with various organizations in the Richmond, Virginia area. He is also the former Executive Director of Brothers On The Avenue, LLC.

Michael Rezek

Model, Actor, Talk Show Host

Michael Reek, a self-described “military brat”, is a model, actor and budding talk show host.

Like most military youngsters, he moved around quite a bit with his single-mother and sister before landing in Richmond. And also, as with many young people, he’s seen his share of struggles and obstacles. But he maintains that it is his belief in the Most High that got him through his difficulties.

Growing up in Richmond’s North Side, his neighbors took a liking to the mannerly young man and allowed him to take some of their children under his wing to help them soar beyond what they thought was possible. Mr Rezek is a graduate of John Marshall High School. He later earned an Associates Degree in Marketing from J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the UOP.

Acting has taken him on an amazing journey and given him the opportunity to give back to the community. His philosophy is “You don’t have to great to tart, but in order to be great, you must start. [and] it doesn’t matter when you start, as long as you finish.”  He is humble and grateful for everyone in his life and everything he’s been able to achieve.

Maurice Robinson

Founder, SLING - Struggling, Living, and Never Give Up!

Given his impoverished and unstable childhood, no one would blame Maurice Robinson if he were angry. Any number of young men with such an upbringing have turned the resulting anger into a self-destructive force.

But not Robinson. He has taken the experiences of his youth to fuel his passion for social justice and activism beginning at the tender age of 19. Now, more than a decade later, he is the Program Manager for Concerned Black Men National, a non-profit organization that provides community programs for youth and their families. There is also a Richmond Chapter of the organization, which conducts separate programming.

See Maurice's full here.

Maurice Tyler

Co-Founder, Coaches Against Violence Everywhere, C.A.V.E.

Maurice Tyler is a Henrico resident who does his part to provide a positive outlet for children by coaching 12-year-olds who compete in the Midget Division for the Laurel Athletic Association in Henrico County. He also has coached for the Virginia Randolph Athletic Association during his 27-year coaching career.

Coach Tyler says he was driven to establish Coaches Against Violence Everywhere after 12-year-old Amiyah Moses was killed Dec. 19 during a gun battle between two 20-year-old men on North Side as she and her friends played nearby.

“I am excited about this organization because I can see it saving lives,” says Coach Tyler. “We march to raise awareness of the murders in the city and let the people of the community know we love them and care about them.”

Louis Westbrook


Louis Westbrook currently serves as an admissions trainer and coordinator for ECPI University. He has dedicated his life to helping people discover their untapped potential along with putting into action tools, strategies, and resources that create extraordinary results and amazing levels of personal fulfillment & personal development. 

Over the last 2 decades, he has achieved top levels of success in the direct sales and home business profession and has built sales teams in excess of tens of thousands. He has provided professional services to start ups from B2B relations, PR work, growing large sales teams, training and utilizing the latest social media technology. These companies are still in existence today.

Vincent White

Author, Talk Show Host

Vincent Ellis White, the (South) Richmond, Virginia native, is a certified fatherhood facilitator, carries a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mass Communications, a Master’s in Education, and an Executive Management Certificate in Business Management. White has experience in many vast areas ranging from foster care, mentorship, life skills coaching, small group facilitation, business, writing, and much more.

In addition, White is also a longtime community activist, fatherhood advocate, motivational speaker, current RCLI (Richmond Christian Leadership Initiative) 10th class-RCLI 17’ member, and sits on the Board of Directors at the Eastern District Family Resource Center which is located in the East End of Richmond.

Reverend Sean Young

Co-Founder of the Ndugu Business & Leadership Academy

Sean Young is a young man dedicated to seeing that all Black males succeed and live to their God-given potential. Mr. Young has committed his life’s work to the uplifting of Black men and boys. Through various life experiences and opportunities Sean knows the need and value of Black males receiving support from other strong positive Black males.

He is co-founder of the organization Ndugu Business Leadership Academy, an organization serving to educate, empower, and motivate young African American males to become successful and productive leaders.

More importantly, Mr. Young is a husband to E’rika and a father to Jeremiah, Shemaiah, and Michiah.

Fatherhood Development Graduates

John Carter, Intern

Student - J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

John Carter, a 24-year-old native of Richmond, VA. He resides in the city’s Churchill neighborhood with his mother and sister.  His hobbies include reading and the arts, specifically drawing. 

John will obtained his G.E.D in May 2016 and attends J. Sergeant Reynolds College in the fall to pursue a career in cybersecurity.  He has been interning with MBK since February 2016 and has earned several recognition awards including, “Perfect Attendance," “Player of the Week" and "Program Graduate."

About his internship he said, “I’m grateful for the opportunity that MBK has presented me.”  To other young men looking to make their mark in the world, he offered this question: “Have you got it in you?"

Walter Cheatham

Walter Caswell Cheatham, born in Chesterfield County, graduated high school in 1968. He attended John Tyler Community College and Virginia State College, now Virginia State University, excelling in drafting design technology. Mr. Cheatham is a retiree from a well-known manufacturing production company, Reynolds Metal Company, now Kaiser Aluminum.

Characterized by strength and faith, Mr. Cheatham has been associated with My Brother's Keeper for approximately a year and has since been a dedicated supporter. Also known as Mr. G.Q. to many throughout the Richmond region has a passion for dressing, and that is why he has been called the best dressed man in Richmond.

Kevin Ferguson

Kevin Ferguson is born in Richmond, Virginia. Kevin is recognized by the Shine On Volunteerism Team as Sun Trust Bank, where he was employed, for his volunteer community engagement through MBK and other activities, as a Shine On Volunteerism Milestone Award recipient in the 2015 Shine On Volunteerism Awards Program!

The Milestone Award is awarded to teammates who reach 50 logged volunteer hours in a calendar year. His commitment to volunteering and impact he is making helps us shine bright in our communities.

Christopher Hussein

Christopher Hussein is 25 years old and was born in Ahoskie, North Carolina. His family moved to Lynchburg, Virginia when he was around three years old, and later moved to the Richmond area. He has been married to wife, Kiara, for just over one year. He has a three-year-old daughter, Luna, as well as identical twin girls due in February 2017.

Chris was introduced to My Brother’s Keeper by professionals in the custody case for my daughter. This program has helped me develop strategies for parenting more effectively, co-parenting more peacefully, and managing the challenges of fatherhood. I believe that because of MBK, I am a better parent and husband. I am grateful that I have had this opportunity to connect with other men that I can relate to, and grow as a person.

Jarrett Lakes, III

Community Partnership Awards

Anthony Mingo, Sr.

Program Coordinator, Richmond Family & Fatherhood Initiative

Tanya E. Battle

Banking Officer, Wealth Advisor

Tanya E. Battle is a native of New York City, but Virginia has been her home for the past 26 years. She has been in Financial Services for 24 years - serving in various capacities within Retail Management, Business Banking, Investment Services, and Wealth Management.

Tanya joined BB&T in 2011, and became an integral part of the Richmond BB&T Wealth team working alongside Wealth Advisors Tom Baker and Greg Lane. As a Banking Officer/Wealth Associate Relationship Manager, Tanya handled the important job of managing clients’ day to day needs. After Mr. Lane’s retirement in 2015, Tanya was promoted to her current position as a Wealth Advisor and Tom Baker’s partner.

She is a member of the Central Virginia BB&T Multi-Cultural Committee, the Central Virginia African-American Chamber of Commerce, and is also a member of the University of Virginia’s Richmond Ridley Cain Scholarship Board. Tanya has served a number of charitable organizations in the Richmond area including Junior Achievement, The American Heart Walk, The Richmond Food Bank and Child Savers. Mrs. Battle was an Event Planning Board Member at Child Savers Inc., where she helped with special event planning and sponsorships.

Hasan K. Zarif

Re-Entry Specialist, Goodwill Industries

Hasan Kalem Zarif, is a native of Richmond, Virginia. He has served as a Contract Champlain & Re-Entry Specialist with the Virginia Department of Corrections for more than eight years. He has served as a Volunteer to State Wide Volunteer with the Virginia Department of Corrections for more than twenty years. Mr. Zarif has served on two Governor’s Stakeholders Committee for Restoration of Civil Rights in Virginia.

Presently, he is a Certified Work Force Development Professional at Goodwill Industries serving more than twenty prisons and institutions, training volunteers, community leaders, agencies and returning former Governor, The Honorable Tim Kaine in 2009.