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Suits for Success VI
Business and Leadership Workshop

"Discover the Greatness in You"

Our “Suits for Success” workshop is one of our community outreach efforts that empowers young men with educational goals, career aspirations and workforce development. It seeks to empower them with business and leadership skills, and organization skills that lead to personal and professional advancement. It encourages them to examine how first impressions make lasting impressions, to develop a sense of style in their dress, and recognize the importance of personal grooming in obtaining and maintaining meaningful employment.

After completing the workshop, we provide each participant with professional attire to secure meaningful employment, but Suits for Success is much more than simply a new outfit! Our authentic manhood programs, career development tools and resources, and our network of support will equip, empower and encourage young men to thrive in work and in life!

Suits for Success VI – Discover the Greatness in You!  Will be held on Saturday, May 19 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at MBK offices, 1618 Hull Street, Richmond, VA 23224.  This session will introduce participants to self discovery.  There will be interactive activities with successful business owners, basic business plan principles, networking opportunities, a free suit, swag bags, door prizes and more!

The program is free to young men ages 16 -3 0 and $10 to men 31 and over.  Discover a proven set of plays that change you on the inside….and impact every part of your life.  Whether you’re a rookie, experienced veteran, walk on, or coach, you can win in the most important game of your life, the “GAME OF LIFE” with MBK. Discover the MAN you’ve always wanted to BE……and what it means to win at life!  

Anyone interested in volunteering for the event or donating men’s accessories (underwear, socks, belts), toiletries, motivational books, gift cards or any other thoughful gift or you would like to provide a resource should contact Stephan“Coach” Hicks at [email protected] or 804-502-3239.