My Brother's Keeper of Greater Richmond

"Encouraging Brothers Through the Storms of Life"

Becoming Self-Sufficient

This is an interactive workshop that will explore what it means to be self-sufficient and participants learn techniques needed to provide for themselves and their family.  After completing the workshop, MBK provides each participant with professional attire to secure employment!

Being self-sufficient is the ability to depend on yourself to get things done and to meet your own needs. It is being confident in your own abilities to do things and make decisions by yourself without needing help from other people to meet your basic needs for survival. Being self-sufficient is a reliance on your own judgment.

When you are self-sufficient, you use the blessings and abilities God has given us to care for ourselves and our families and find solutions to our own problems. As you become self-sufficient, you are also better able to serve and care for others.

We are seeking fifteen young men ages 16 to 30 to participate and ten volunteer workers.  Registration is free, but required to attend or volunteer.  

All interested can register by Clicking Here!